Sunday, January 9, 2011

Chunky ATC Swap

Here's my ATC for the Chunky ATC swap on Creative Friendships and Inspirations:

There is a choral warmup called Inchworm based on a Hans Christian Andersen tale that I just LOVE and it was my inspiration for this ATC.  Here is Danny Kaye signing it (although, we don't sing it this way, you get the idea).

 I love how music can be a medium for so many things, and this is another example of just that.  Here's how they did it on Sesame Street (If it was on Sesame Street AND the has to be educational, right? :P):

It's not finished yet, I think I still want to add some text around the inchworm on the front, and maybe a bug or two on the back.  I also built a small birdhouse....but I think that might be too much. 

Thanks for stopping by!  Oh, I forgot to mention that I shot these using the light box I'll be amazed what a little bit of foam board and tape can do for a picture!!!  I'll be sure to post pictures of my set up soon!