Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Aquarium Adventure

Hello All!   For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted a salt water aquarium.  This week, I was able to start one!  And here's what it looks like so far:

Okay, you got me!  This isn't my aquarium...this is actually a shot from inside of the Aquarium I visited while in Virginia.  Pretty huh?  And not a piece of real coral...but anyway....

     I was with my mother this week for the holiday and we happened upon a garage sale that had a tank and a stand for sale.  I thought...hmmm. I wonder how much it is.  Well, they lady said I could have EVERYTHING for $5.  Now, some of you are saying....Wopidity doo.  But let me use more detail (Dr. Cook would be very proud of my right now :P).  When I asked the woman for the price I was just acquiring about two pieces....but their where other pieces on the "stand" that were included in this price.  There with actually 2 aquariums (one 10 gallon, one 5) a hood, light, filter, and heater for the bigger, a bunch of decorations, gravel, tank cleaner stick thingy, and a computer speaker.  Now...do you see why I HAD to get it.  Five dollars was my garage sale find of the year! 
     SO......with these new finds, I decided it's time to get started.  A saltwater tank for me and a freshwater tank for my almost 7 year old (he almost had me totally convinced to get him a tail-less gecko today, that child is too darn cute)!  After I did lots of research, I went to VIPets in Jenison (gotta love this place) and the manager there gave me everything I needed to get started (about $60 worth of stuff....$25 of it being live sand) and now I am ready to go!  Here's my set up so far.

     It's taken a while, but the water is finally at the right specific gravity and tomorrow Xavis and I will go and get damsels to test out the tank.  If I'm a good mommy and able to keep them a live, I will then be able to get Nemo and his girlfriend, and Dory and a friend and MAYBE  a star fish...we'll see.  Wish me luck and I'll keep you posted as I add more creatures into the environment.  Thanks for reading!!

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