Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hello All,
    Today while surfing the web I found a cute little widget that, for now, has convinced me that I want to start using to store the files that I share.  If you scroll down the page, you will find the widget for this in the far right column.  Right now, there is only one file in there, but I'd love to know if you guys are able to get to it.  If you have a few minutes, will you try to get the file and let me know if it works and if it's user friendly??  Once I know that it works, I'll work on getting all of my current files onto the site. 

Thanks all, and happy creating!


Elizabeth said...

I can't open the files because it says I don' have the appropriate application?

Jani said...

Sorry I missed you on the Twins Birthday blog hop. My site is Papaer Compulsions. I was having computer problems and my project was not posted yet. I have a cool birthday project if you would like to stop by now.


Rachel Miller said...

I couldn't open the file either and I download from all the time.

Rachel Miller