Sunday, June 19, 2011

Finally....something to share :)

Hi All,
     I hope you all have a great Sunday and Father's Day!  Here in SW Michigan, it was warm and  BEAUTIFUL.  Here are some of the projects I have been working on and trying to wrap up this weekend. 

My father has since I couldn't find the YourStory machine at the right price (I got mine for such a low print it was a steal), I decided to make him some personalized stamps.  He likes personalized stuff, so I think he's going to dig these. 

Left: Dad's Initials     Right: Dad's Fraternity Leters
Then, some time back I did a RAK-Pay It Forward thingy that I got off Celeste's blog Touched by a Butterfly thinking I would have no problem getting 5 people to sign up.  BOY, was I fooled!  Only one person signed up (Jani).  And this is what she will be receiving.  (Please disregard my poor picture quality...I didn't take the time to set them up and do them the way they should be done :( ).

This is a file folder something or the other:P...the name is escaping me right now.  I have decided it needs some sort of something on the there is a button drying on my table now that I'm going to adhere to it. 

When you open it up: 

Kind of neat :P (Or atleast I think so).

This is the card that I made becaue I couldn't send this out with an empty pocket, now could I?  
I think it turned out pretty cute!  If you look closely, you can also see the first stamp that I made with my TC Stampmaker.  I love playing with that thing!!

Alright all, it's nighty night time for Nicole. Have a great night and I look forward to sharing again really soon.  Take care - Peace and Blessings!

Ciao, Ciao,

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patchworkhen said...

Love the "file folder something or other" Will you be sharing the recipe?

blessings, patchworkhen